pixel_ated (pixel_ated) wrote in stargate100,

Cold Case Challenge


Pairing: Samantha Carter/Rodney McKay
Characters: Samantha Carter
Content warnings: None
Author's Notes: For the stargate100 challenge "Cold Case Episode Titles".

It was one thing for her to have to put up with his attitude and comments communicating from the Daedalus.  The way he insisted on making sure everyone knew exactly how much of a genius he was always got to her.  That, and his little fantasies – because Meredith Rodney McKay’s head was the only place they’d ever be together.

Regardless she somehow managed to deal with him in a reasonably professional manner even in person the few times she’d been at Atlantis.

But showing up in her dreams was simply going too far.Type your cut contents here.
Tags: sam/mckay
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