pixel_ated (pixel_ated) wrote in stargate100,

Cold Case Challenge


Characters: Jack O'Neill, Samantha Carter
Pairing: Jack O'Neill, Samantha Carter
Spoiler: Well, for anyone who doesn't yet know about the SG-1 member moving to Atlantis...
Author's Note: For the stargate100 "Cold Case Episode Titles" Challenge


Sometimes, it was a word he loved.

Discretion meant the President was okay with them.

Discretion meant he could admit to more than himself that he’d fallen for a scientist.

Discretion meant she could admit to feeling feelings without being less a “good little soldier”.

Discretion meant they were that much closer to an extended fishing trip.

Other times, he hated it.

Discretion meant he couldn’t say what he felt about her being sent to another galaxy.

Then again…

Discretion meant he could surprise her with flowers when he knew that she’d still be at the SGC working.

Tags: jack/sam
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